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Tax Credit Solutions for the 21st Century


Headdy Mulroy Advisor Group, LLC specializes in advising clients on taxes, bookkeeping, financial planning and analysis ("FP&A"), data automation, and government-sponsored Credits and Incentive tax services that provide clients with a dollar-for-dollar cash benefit through the reduction of tax liability. We maximize these benefits through our tax technical experience and use of technology. For additional service information, see below:

Tax Compliance, Bookkeeping, and FP&A
R&D Tax Credit 
Engineering Class
Data Analytics and Automation
Analysing data
Employee Retention Credit
Working Together
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About Us


Headdy Mulroy Advisor Group, LLC specializes tax compliance, tax planning, bookkeeping, and financial planing & analysis. With years of experience servicing a vast array of companies — from start-ups through the Fortune 500 — Headdy Mulroy Advisor Group, LLC fills a void in the market through the combination of two knowledge bases: the business acumen and professional expertise of a Big Four Accountant and the data and programming expertise of a software engineer. This unique synergy provides the ability to service the market in a manner that cannot easily be replicated by competitors.

We focus on complex tax and financila bookkeeping issues, allowing you to feel comfortable that your tax position and financial books are in good hands. While some CPA's focus primarily on finishing taxes as soon as possible using the 'same as last year' approach, our firm looks for opportunities for tax savings and areas of non-compliance/ risk mitigation. 


Specific to tax savings, we specialize in government-sponsored Credits and Incentive tax services that provide clients with a dollar-for-dollar cash benefit through the reduction of tax liability. The relevant Internal Revenue Code sections, regulations, and case law are extraordinarily complex and difficult to navigate for even the most sophisticated taxpayer. By leveraging the public accounting background of the management team, Stephen and Patrick bring insights and practical experience into both the credit calculation and data automation processes. The technology solutions and data analytics services are designed to reduce labor-intensive aspects of a process and to simplify your approach.

Core Values:

  • Integrity

  • Accuracy

  • Quality

  • Passion

  • Innovation

Our Core values differentiate Headdy Mulroy Advisor Group, LLC from other Credits and Incentive tax service providers. We are proud that our values are not a byproduct of focus-group testing or simply for marketing materials. Being true to ourselves extends into every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Led by founders Stephen and Patrick, Headdy Mulroy Advisor Group, LLC determined there was no other option for long-term success but to prioritize the same values that have allowed us to grow and develop to this point – it is just who we are. 

Trust us by our actions, not by our words.

At the heart of our core values is integrity. Through its integrity, Headdy Mulroy Advisor Group, LLC will always strive for the most accurate and quality results on your behalf. Above all we want the right answer for you, not ourselves. Accordingly we will work hand-and-hand so there are never any surprises down the road.  As we strive for industry excellence, the team will rely on our passion helping others solve complex tax problems while simultaneously adding new, innovative technologies to grow and advance. Above all, every project - big or small - will deliver a work product our clients can rely on.

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R&D Tax Credit - Industry Qualifying Examples


Companies that develop new or improve existing software will likely qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. Typically, development activities using the the Agile or Waterfall methodology will likely qualify. Qualifying activities within this industry include:

  • Developing Architecture, Algorithms, Platforms, and Systems;

  • Testing (Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance, Regression, etc...);

  • Creating and/ or Enhancing Features;

  • Developing Mobile Applications;

  • Programming; and much more!

If you or your employees perform the above activities, 

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